Book - The Color of Hay: The Peasants of Maramures


Book - The Color of Hay: The Peasants of Maramures

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Northern Transylvania is the last bastion of subsistence peasant villages in Europe. It is an area so remote that the Romans never conquered them. Yet just two decades after the fall of communism, modernity is finally overcoming their centuries old traditions. In a single generation, the villages shown here have gone from illiterate poverty to cell phone towers and university bound students. Kathleen's photographs capture both the traditions and the change of the first decade of the 21st century. Using a medium format camera with traditional film negatives, she pursues the mission of a documentary photographer by preserving a piece of fading history. Over 130 photos are displayed throughout 200 pages. Each image carries a caption, a location and a date. The book is organized into chapters on the seasons, the ceremonies, and the meaning of life. Throughout, there are essays, poems, proverbs, ghost stories and songs to add depth to the lives of these special villages. For international orders:

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Grigore Leșe - "Bată-te Americă, bată!”

"Drumul Lung spre Cimitirul Vesel" / "The Long Road to the Merry Cemetery"
editia 7 - 15-21 august 2016
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At the start of the 20th Century, Romanian peasants left to find fortune in the cities of America. Many of them returned after 10, 15 years to their home villages to buy their own land. They brought back with them this traumatic song of loneliness. 

Kathleen Laraia McLaughlin is an American photographer who, for almost 2 years, embedded herself in a Maramures village, documenting the rhythm of daily life. Her album, "The Color of Hay", is a highly intimate photographic study of the last authentic European villages. (Author Peter Hurley)

"The Scanner," by PINK STRIPE, Trailer

A documentary by Kathleen Laraia McLaughlin & Dan Draghicescu
Camera: Dan Draghicescu
Editing: Smaranda Paraschiv
Post production: Chainsaweurope
Production: PINK STRIPE @2014